What are Hustle Pads' Review Guidelines

Hustle Pads' Review Guidelines

We aim to establish a trustworthy platform through the help of relevant, unbiased, helpful, and genuine information. To help us achieve this goal, we encourage everyone to abide by our content standards and review guidelines as follows:

The review must be genuine and written only by Hustle Pads' guest and host.

Please provide reviews about your own experience and based on substantial activities you’ve had. We prohibit reviews coming from an account without booking records from hustle pads, rumor based or copied from another source.

The review must be respectful and unbiased.

Following our content standards and non-discriminatory policy, we expect fair content from our reviewers and prohibit profanity, discriminatory comments, personal attacks, or references to sexual or drug-related activities.

The review must be relevant and helpful.

People are looking for answers and intend to get help for their upcoming trips and vacation plans; we encourage everyone to write a helpful, informative, and honest but fair sharing of experiences for people to know.

The review must be Non-commercial.

Promotional links are not allowed and will not be considered.

Hustle Pads reserves all right to reject reviews that do not conform to these guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] should you want to report a review violating our guidelines.

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