What is Hustle Pads Nondiscrimination Policy

Nondiscrimination Policy

Hustle Pads strongly believes in respect and fairness. We value our Hosts, Guests, and Employees no matter what culture, color, or nationality they belong to. Our community prohibits any form of discrimination and we strive to create principles and policies that support the uniqueness of each individual's personality and hustle. 


Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination - any unwanted physical and verbal abuse is prohibited in our community. We require respect for others’ race, color, religious belief, disability, and gender identity.


Safety and Security - Hustle Pads is committed to our standards and expectations in maintaining a safe and secured environment that is free from any form of harassment and will not tolerate any discrimination towards our hosts, guests, and employees.


As a Host

  • You should not cancel reservations based on race, culture, nationality, age, gender identity nor religious and marital status.
  • You should not modify terms and conditions based on race, culture, nationality, age, gender identity nor religious and marital status.


As a Guest

  • You should respect the Host’s restrictions such as non-smoking and booking with pets.
  • You should respect the Host’s belongings during your stay (e.g., cross, flags, etc.) 

Hustle Pads is committed to ensuring that our hosts and guests will be respected, valued and comfortable in our service. The management has the right to remove anyone in our marketplace who does abide by our principles, standards and expectations.

We highly encourage everyone to contact us if you need assistance or submit a report. Feel free to file a report with on our support page https://app.hustlepads.com/contact or send us an email at [email protected].

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