Hustle Pads' Hosting Guidelines

Hustle Pads' Hosting Guidelines

Hustle Pads aim to provide every Host the tools needed to give Guest a high quality experience they will remember forever.

Cleanliness, Health, and Safety

As this pandemic continues, hygiene and sanitation are at the top of every guests list of concerns. Enhanced cleaning such as pest infestation and disinfecting must be done regularly in between guest rotations.  We recommend using safe medical-grade cleaning and sanitation techniques prior to each new guest's arrival to ensure your guests have a safe experience. 

Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and emergency first aid kits should be well documented by the host in an easy to access area.    

Amenities & Facilities

The hosts are required to follow the protocol in cleaning and disinfecting the facilities recommended by CDC as the most reliable way to maintain safety and prevent the risks of further spreading covid-19.

Complimentary house amenities may enrich every guest's experience, hosts are therefore encouraged to provide complete the essentials for guest's comfortable stay; these are but are not limited to extra pillows and linens, towels, tissue paper,  cutlery, plates, soaps, shampoo and conditioner.

The hosts can also promote the fact that their home is wheelchair accessible by being ADA compliant. You can add that to your home features so guests that need ADA compliant homes can find your property on our platform. Please also note our non-discriminatory policy.

Last but not the least, hosts should provide remote working areas for guests as well as high-speed internet. After all, this is Hustle Pads and our guests can never hustle without the internet!

House Rules & Preferences

Setting Host expectations is important. Our house rules ensures hosts that Hustle Pads is committed to providing ideal and better-qualified guests, and we guarantee similarly to our guests.

As a host, you may submit and update your preferences, own house rules, and prohibitions if there are any, so we can arrange to help you get the right guests as you expect.

Guest Privacy

As  a Hustle Pads host, we encourage you to highly prioritize respecting guest's privacy. As much as we will do our best to ensure that you'll have a better renter. In the event a host needs to access the property please contact the guests directly or contact us at [email protected]  if there is a need to do maintenance like bursting water pipe or any safety issues during the rental period.

In line with this, you may want to check Hustle Pads Community Standards and Expectations for more information. 

Host's Accessibility and Service

Crafting your service around the guest's needs and being flexible for them is a sign of a great host.

Remaining approachable and available is key to keeping great open communication with Guests. At the end of each Guest rotation, each Guests will provide feedback through an exit survey which will be available to all hosts immediately following their stay. You can use this feedback as a way to improve or fix anything that may need repairing. 

Healthy Neighboring

As a reminder, each Guests will need to sign the general onboarding agreement which states the guidelines for minimizing noise that could disturb the local neighbors. These guidelines can be found in your hosting portal. These are the baseline guiding agreements that are the minimum requirements for Guests. You have the ability to add to the 'House Rules' during your property onboarding and within the Host Admin Panel. 

Guest's Review & Rating Consciousness

At the end of each Guest rental rotation, they will provide an exit survey that is part of the review of your property. Positive Guest reviews may uplift the credibility of your property and it is like a confirmation of being reliable and enjoyable! As a host, being conscious of the rating your guest provide will give you input into the attractiveness of your property on Hustle Pads.  Accumulating high ratings increases the visibility of your property online, this could also mean positive marketing and more future sales.

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