What is Hustle Pads Pet Policy and Potential Dangerous Animals

What is the Pet Policy and What is a Dangerous Animal

What is Hustle Pads Pet policy?

As much as we love our furry friends, traveling with pets is difficult and usually prohibited by Hosts. Some properties have a strict no pet policy, as well as some guests may have allergies or fears of pets.

However, service animals (an individually trained dog to aid and assist an individual with disability) may be allowed. When making your profile please state your allergies and disposition to certain animals. Likewise, if you have a service animal and you wish to travel with your service animal you must both choose a pet-friendly house and pet-friendly guests – both criteria must be met in order to bring a service animal on your travels.

Also, Hustle Pads requires all hosts not to keep dangerous animals on their property.

How to identify the animal as Potentially Dangerous?

Aggressive behavior of an unprovoked domesticated or wild animal is considered potentially dangerous and is capable of causing harm or threat towards humans or other animals. 


According to the Animal Legal and Historical Center of Michigan State University, approximately, four million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. While dogs cause most animal-related injuries– exotic and venomous animals are a high risk and are strictly prohibited.

Safe and Secure Accommodation for Your Furry Friends

Hustle Pads is committed to providing a great quality of stay to all our guests in a safe and secured way. We want to make sure that all animals will be housed properly and comfortably to avoid harmful incidents. All guests must provide food and clean up after their own animal. Guests that do not clean up after their own animal may be fined a fee by the Host for improper cleanup of animal waste. Please read each house rules for specific details.

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