What is Hustle Pads' Standard Amidst Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Hustle Pads' Travel Policy during Corona Virus (Covid-19)

While Traveling Important Links

The safety of our guests, hosts and partners is of the upmost importance. Hustle Pads recommends to follow the guidelines set by the local government and health officials. Please take note of these important links.
The World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the coronavirus (COVID-19) from a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) to a pandemic on March 11, 2020 and will continue to affect the travel and tourism industry.  For more information please visit the following websites:

Hustle Pads Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Safety protocols while traveling on HustlePads.com based on World Health Organization’s guidelines.
  • Hustle Pads recommends any user of the platform to be vaccinated and carry their vaccination card while traveling or servicing users of the platform. 
  • Note that each location may have unique Covid-19 rules and regulations that users of the platform should be aware of and may include testing and quarantine requirements.
  • Travel with personal sanitization and hygiene essentials as well as know hustle pads' approach to quarantine and isolation.
  • Our team strives to provide all our valued guests well-sanitized accommodations that provide safety and meet the cleaning and disinfection protocol for hospitality establishments as required by CDC.
  • It is highly recommended that Guests that are flying, that they should purchase travel insurance from their airline which will typically cover their quarantine costs wile traveling. Read your travel insurance carefully before purchasing to be sure it covers you're use case. 

What are some best practices while traveling?

  1. Always wear a mask when interacting and communicating in person. Proper using, storing and disposing of a mask is essential, make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin.
  2. Always keep a safe distance of 1 meter or 3 feet apart from others.
  3. Always wash thoroughly and sanitize hands with soap and water.
  4. Avoid joining a large crowd.
  5. If flying, try and purchase the travel insurance if it reimburses or covers quarantine expenses during you're travels. 

What to do when you feel unwell?

  1. Identify what are you feeling. Symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness, sometimes a patient may feel a loss of taste or smell, aches and pains, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, red eyes, diarrhea, or a skin rash.
  2. Isolate yourself. Be in a room with open-air ventilation and do not make close contact with other guests.
  3. Report immediately. Communicate your situation with your fellow guests through indirect communication like text or calls. Also, contact us to report your situation.
  4. Make plans to get tested. It is your responsibility to get tested with a local Covid-19 testing facility near you immediately upon first sing of symptoms. We all play a role in keeping Hustle Pads a safe community for all travelers and Hustlers. 

Guest Guidelines >>

Do guests need to quarantine prior to traveling?

Yes, guests are required to quarantine themselves for at least 7 days prior to arrival. Guests that are traveling under Flat Rate Booking and who will be traveling with other fellow guests are especially required to quarantine prior to arrival at their Flat Rate Booking destination. 

Users of the platform should immediately report any symptoms to their fellow hosts, guests and service providers as well as the platform. Travelers should cancel any further travel plans and quarantine at a designated quarantine location should they become sick with Covid-19 or become exposed to someone known to be sick with Covid-19.

Hustle Pads recommends that if you are flying that you review your airline travel insurance at the time of purchase to see if it covers the reimbursement cost of quarantine. There is a great Forms.com article on this topic
Hustle Pads will investigate reports of any travelers that are reported to be violating this quarantine policy. Please send reports to [email protected].

Do guests need to provide a negative PCR or proof of a full dose vaccination?

Only guests traveling under Flat Rate Booking are required to attest to a negative covid-19 test that is no more than 3 days old. Alternatively, you can show proof of your vaccination card by uploading a photo to your online account. You may take a photo or screen shot of your test result and upload it at your Hustle Pads account dashboard. Never email any personal medical information to us as we will never ask you to do so. Upon review and approval you are required to delete this information form your account.

The same covid-19 review result is considered valid for any guest who will be hopping or transferring to another property listed on Hustle Pad's in less than 48 hours since their last check-out date.  For example, from the first time you travel on the Hustle Pads platform that same Covid-19 review is considered valid and active for each consecutive hop from property to property.

Only when you leave the Hustle Pads platform for 48 hours or longer are you then required to take another Covid-19 test again if you are not fully vaccinated. Only fully vaccinated users who have been approved are allowed to travel without a recent Covid test.  If you believe there will be a such an event and have questions please plan ahead and if needed contact us at [email protected] for a review. 

Does Hustle Pads provide cashless and contactless check-in or room entry?

As a precautionary measure, reservation, check-in, and payment will be done online – using Hustle Pad’s mobile app or website. You will also be asked to answer some questions about health and travel declaration based on local government regulations.

Does Hustle Pads accept booking cancellation or revision?

Hustle Pads does offers flexible change and cancellation policies.

If I need an RTPCR test going back to the airport, where can I possibly get one?

During your stay on Hustle Pads you will want to plan ahead. You can search online in the local area you're visiting to locate one closest to you. Also, you can reach out to us at our 'Contact Us Page' or email us at S[email protected] where we may be able to assist you.

How long is my medical data used and held?

 We do not, and will not hold any of your personal medical information for longer than needed to review your current health condition. At no point in time will we attempt to hold your medical information in any form of long-term data storage. Once your proof of a clean Covid-19 test is reviewed and accepted, these documents and images should be deleted from our system and it the action is on the platform user to take this action.

By traveling on our platform you agree to our terms and conditions surrounding your digital information.

Host Guidelines >>

Is the Host allowed to operate during a mandated community lockdown?

Hosts that choose to operate during an official Government mandated lockdown take the risk upon themselves to be responsible for such events. Hosts must communicate with guests as much in advance as possible to let the guest know that there is a lockdown or a possible lockdown happening during the guest's stay. It is the host's responsibility to take this proactive action. 

Only if required, the host must secure a license from the local government to operate a short term rental. All Hosts must follow the implemented protocols and guidelines for safety and health accommodations.

What is the host’s approach to safety and cleaning guidelines?

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting are regularly done to ensure the guest's stay is safe and meets local guidelines. The rooms will also undergo thorough cleaning and sanitation in between every guest’s stay.

What is the host’s staffing commitment?

The host must secure that all staff is following enhanced hygiene measures including, proper wearing of mask and gloves, and hand washing.

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