Hustle Pads Property Management and Best Practices

Hustle Pads Property Management and Best Practices

Hustle Pads wants to manifest a harmonious and memorable exchange towards the hosts and the guests where your home is the main subject. 

The quality of amenities and setup of your place can surely lure many guests and lean on successful hosting, however, there are a lot of you who have the same goal; to attract more customers. 


Here are some tips on how you can make your space stand out from others.

  • Outstanding name - Be creative, think of an easy-to-remember and clever name for your pad. You can name it based on your theme, your location, or the unique story of your pad.
  • Perfect photos - Photography is one of the most important aspects of your listing. Take high-quality photos with great lighting that showcase the ambiance and aesthetic of the pad. Be consistent with the quality and details of each picture. Always take photos in landscape, clean the place and feature your theme, balcony view, and your interior when capturing photos. An instagrammable place attracts guests to be interested and choose your home over the others by looking at your uploaded photos.
  • Market your listing - Be active in social media and promote your pad. While most bookings will come from Hustle Pads, posting and promoting your listing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can boost your exposure and it'll help advertise your listing in your network, you might have colleagues and friends that may travel or know someone who will travel in the future.
  • Be transparent - Do not oversell your property, be genuine and truthful about what your pad offers. Describe in your listing what the guests can expect and experience when they book your pad, they would like to know what amenities you can offer them or the facility your pad has.
  • Be extra - You can always put an extra touch of your hospitality in each booking. Complete bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, a set of toothbrushes, towels, extra linens, snacks, granola bars or simple home-baked goodies will go a long way. We also encourage personalization to delight the guests and make them feel welcome and comfortable with their stay.

You may be a first-time host or have been hosting for quite some time now, here are some important pointers you should consider in making the most out of your pad. 


1. Themed Spaces You can be creative and a designer of your own by creating a theme for your pad. Consider your location, the weather, and the mood you want to set in your pad.

Here are some examples:
  • Your property might be near the ocean, you can design your rooms in light colors of blue and green, hang seashell drapes in the windows and use wood furniture. You can create a workspace near the patio facing the ocean that is relaxing to look at while your guest is working. 
  • Your pad might be in the city, maximize the aesthetic and the mood in industrial theme by hanging paintings of buildings or bridges, and use metal fixtures in the kitchen and toilet.
There is no limit in designing your pad, think of the best way you can cater the remote workers and freelancer guests.

2. Guest-friendly accommodation - Be mindful of ways how to make it easier for the guests to go around the house but also convenient in your maintenance. 

  • If your pad doesn’t have a shower heater, consider having one, it is refreshing for the guests to have a good shower after hiking.
  • Add outlets near beds, desks, or dining table as guests are working mostly with their laptops and phones. 
  • Parking might not be available all the time, but you can offer parking ideas and options. 
  • For entertainment, consider investing in smart television where it can be connected to internet connection and entertainment networks such as Netflix and Amazon movies. Keep everything up to date, use the fastest (yet low-cost) internet connection.
  • Create a guest manual for them to be more knowledgeable about your pad. Write down the internet log-in details, an overview of electronic gadgets and appliances, pet policy, the nearest grocery store and anything you think is important for the guests to know during their stay.

You can create a guest-friendly accommodation without spending more than what you need and what you can manage. 

3. Kitchen - Completing kitchen amenities can be a housekeeping challenge, so invest only in necessary cookware and dinnerware for your kitchen. Most travelers cook when in long-term rent, so we suggest filling up your kitchen with simple and easy-to-use appliances and kitchenware. You may also stock extra glassware and plates to replace broken ones.

4. Living room - Comfort is an important aspect of designing your living room. Choose high quality, light-colored sofa and coffee table without so much clutter. Light-colored sofa is easy to clean and creates wide space in your living room. Choose durable decor and fixtures for easy maintenance, for an instance, an artificial plant over a real one.

Entertainment should be placed in the living room and not in the bedroom. This way guests can share and spend quality time when watching movies or television shows.

5. BathroomYou don’t need to splurge in designing the bathroom. Common basic needs such as a water heater, bathroom essentials, and vanity should be your priority. If applicable, put air ventilation or air freshener to make the bathroom’s ambiance more relaxing. 

6. BedroomBed capacity for guest sharing occupancy should be in a maximum of 2 people either queen, king, or 2 single beds.

As our priority is comfort and a functional bedroom, invest in a good quality mattress that is easy to clean and durable, and a functional desk and lights to adjust moods for our working guests. Entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers appreciate a bedroom with a workspace where they can finish writing their book, have their conference call, or do business planning quietly. 

Also, closets should have extra pillows, linens, hangers and optionally an iron and ironing board. 

7. Housekeeping and maintenance- Hiring and managing housekeepers is helpful for quick turnaround. Housekeepers help you clean and serve the guests while you are managing reservations and doing the business. You can hire people you know personally, this way it’ll be easier for you to train them and be precise on how you expect your pad to be cleaned and look at every checkout.

8. Security Camera - Adding security cameras in your pad is a plus, it'll make guests feel more safe and secure during their stay. As a host, a security camera is beneficial in protecting your property. You are required to disclose all types of security devices and their location at their property, and if an active monitoring, recording or surveilling is currently taking place. Know more about Hustle Pads' Policy on Security Devices. 

As a rental business owner, we want everything to be perfect for our guests. However, always expect property maintenance from time to time. On the other hand, you can do preventive maintenance periodically to avoid major repairs in the future and to make sure everything is running smoothly and effectively. You can create a calendar for maintenance of the most common issues such as check toilet leaks, clean air-conditioner filters and drain pipes.

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