Managing Guests on Hustle Pads

Managing Guests on Hustle Pads

Hustle Pads strives to meet and exceed Guest expectations when it comes to how we service them. Establishing a consistent quality means creating standards that enable a pleasant and memorable experience on 

Post Booking/Pre-Arrival Engagement

Hustle Pads will initiate communication during guest arrivalHosts are encouraged to prepare a welcome message which Hustle Pads will send to the guest on the day of their arrival. This can be done within your Host portal. You may include some important information such as who is the property manager is and where Guests can find your emergency contact details. 

Upon Guest's Arrival

Welcome Message and house rules

When booking and upon arrival guests will receive the house rules. However the welcome message will only be available just prior to arrival.

Ensure a Smooth Check-In 

Provide details on where and how to access the property. 

Enhanced Welcome Experience

Top rated properties on Hustle Pads typically go above and beyond the minimum welcoming experience. Please consider preparing a welcome package like some free water bottles or treats from the local markets from the immediate area that you think Guests will enjoy. This goes a long way and will also drive traffic to those markets as you intrigue guests with free goodies! This also typically improves your property's review score as well!

Ensure Cleanliness and Safety

A neat and well-kept Pad plays a pivotal role in meeting guest expectations. Double-check everything within the property like the air-conditioning, linens, towels and spare lights are available and accessible.

Essential Amenities and Services

Check out Hustle Pads' hosting guidelines to equip yourself.

During Guest Stay

Its important to give guests space and trust that they will contact you as needed. A Host who is overly attentive can be a big turn off to guests. Most of the time Guests will choose to be left alone and do not want feel like they need to check in with Hosts for minor things. Be attentive to your inbox messages from Guests in case of questions. 

Hustle Pads has gone through large efforts to automate and standardize the experience for Guests while they travel on For any questions please visit our support page or email us with any questions or concerns. 

Handling Upset Guest & Escalations

Always remember to remain calm and contact the support team to assist if it relates to any services directly offered by Hustle Pads. 
  • Make your guest feel heard and valued by reflective listening
  • Thank the guest for bringing the issue, remember it is an opportunity to improve and create a valuable Guest experience.
  • Focus on the solution and address the concern immediately as much as possible.
  • Be sincere and transparent with the Guest, showing them that you're taking further steps to give their concern a solution.
  • Do a follow-up check after the issue has been resolved.

Checkout Protocol

Standard Check-out Times (11 AM)

On Guests departure days, Guests will be asked to leave the property by 11am at the latest. This is the standard checkout time, but may be altered with custom instructions. However, in an effort to provide a uniform experience across all adventure properties,  it is recommended to use the standard times set. If there absolutely must be a need to alter the standard check-out times then these instructions should be mentioned in the House Rules and include checkout and check-in times.

Standard Check-in Times (3PM)

The standard Guest check-in time is 3pm on the date of arrival. Because of the nature of Hustle Pads travel model, all check-out's and check-in's occur on the same day. Guests and Hosts should both understand that there may be overlapping times when house keeping (turn over) activities are still happening while they are arriving. 

Setting Expectations

All Guests have been made aware of the fact that due to the nature of how Hustle Pads operates there may be turn-over (house keeping) activities started while they are still packing up and getting ready to check out. This is normal and expected. Proper Guest expectations are set during the Guest onboarding stage to ensure a uniformed experience is set. 

Post-Stay Engagement

After Guests depart, they will be asked to provide a short survey regarding their fellow Guests and the Property as well. Hosts should use this information about the property to make updates and fix anything noted as needing repairs. 

Lost and Found Items

As a Host, be responsible for making sure that lost and found items are reported within 24 hours to both Guests and Hustle Pads to arrange with the guest on how to return the item/s. 

Review Management

Guest's review is always free but an important marketing tool for your property as a host. The Guest's experience during their stay at your property will be reflected within their ratings, and this could determine your adventure 'ranking' on the Hustle Pads platform.

Please read Hustle Pad's review guidelines to learn more. 

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