Hustle Pads Policy on Parties and Large Events

Hustle Pads Policy on Parties and Large Events

At Hustle Pads, we are serious about helping you achieve your professional and travel goals in style. We take extra steps to prevent unnecessary, disruptive or unauthorized parties and events at any of the Hustle Pads where it is prohibited by hosts. While we believe most guests and travelers are respectful to policies and standards, we have published Hustle Pads Policy on Parties and Large Events to help you protect your property and guide our guests on what we expect while using the Hustle Pads platform.

COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

Hustle Pads is strictly observing and complying with and enforcement of Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, rules and local regulations. As we recognize that COVID-19 is a serious threat to travelers safety and health, we have published Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance to curb the spread of coronavirus and to protect health service and save lives.

For the Hosts

Upon listing with, you can decide which restrictions apply to your property. List down all Do’s and Don’ts before, during and after their stay. All travelers and hustlers will have to acknowledge these rules prior to arrival to the property. 


Keeping this in mind, you might also want to consider explicitly stating in your house rules that any unnecessary, disruptive or unauthorized parties or events are discouraged. Any violation to these rules may prohibit violating guests from renting again on the Hustle Pads platform.

For the Guests

We want all guests to have a safe and fun traveling experience. To do that, we are encouraging travelers to be respectful of other people's health, safety and personal space. Parties and large gatherings are prohibited unless otherwise explicitly allowed. 

Any guest caught throwing parties and disturbing their fellow travelers will be disciplined and possibly removed from the Hustle Pads platform immediately. You are responsible for being aware of local state and federal regulations that govern how big gathering may be regulated during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


As a guest maybe you're writing a book and desire a quiet environment during the days so you might prefer to be nestled in nature or you are working in a call center and will need a quiet space to do your work. Everyone's needs and experience is different. Please respect your fellow travelers drive for adventure. Everyone should strive to live that digital nomadic lifestyle you deserve. 


Guests are also required to review Hustle Pads' house rules to serve as a guidance to travelers on what rules we strictly enforce.

If an unnecessary, disruptive or unauthorized party or event happens, please submit a report at Hustle Pads' support page.

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