What are the guests house rules on Hustle Pads

What are the guests house rules on Hustle Pads?

We warmly welcome our guests and hustlers here at Hustle Pads and one of our missions to give memorable experiences. For us to do so, we have to implement these house rules so both guests and hosts feel protected.


Guest/visitor policy

We strongly discourage any visitors or guests, especially during the pandemic period. Please follow all local guidelines and regulations. Any guest/visitor is only allowed to stay at a maximum 1 day per 7 day period. For example, if you have a 14-day trip planned, then at maximum your guest may only visit for a maximum of 2 days and must sleep in your room if they are staying over. Visitors are not allowed to sleep on sofas, couches or in offices since these are shared spaces of other guests.

No Parties, Large Events and loud noise

We encourage guests to be considerate to other’s space and time especially while working. To know more about this, visit our Policy on Parties and Large Events.

No smoking in a non-smoking area

Most pads strictly enforce a non-smoking policy in an enclosed area. Smoking may be allowed in an open area and when smoking, be sensitive to other guests who doesn’t smoke.

No use of Illegal Substance

In accordance to our Standards and Expectation Policy, it is strictly prohibited to have and use illegal substances at all time while traveling on our platform.

Pet Policies and restrictions must be followed

Each pad has pet policy and restrictions, find a pet-friendly house and pet-friendly guests to bring a pet along.

No use of candles

We discourage the use of candles as it might be dangerous when left unattended.

No moving massive furniture 

Avoid moving furnitures around the pad, they were placed in the house with purpose by the host.

Any damages must be reported immediately

Damage in the property may be charged to the guest upon check out.

Child-friendly pads 

Some accommodations may not be suitable for children age 2 years old and below. When traveling with infants, choose a child-friendly house that offers amenities to cater an infant.

Comply with the Covid-19 safety protocols

To ensure everyone’s safety and in compliance with the local and national health authorities, we require all our guests to observe Covid-19 Safety Protocols.


Our aim is to provide Guests a comfortable and safe accommodation, hence we urge everyone to respect and follow Hustle Pads’ house rules. Failure to comply with the house rules may result in penalties and can be banned from our community. 


Hustle Pads reserves the right to amend, modify or change House Rules and content featured on our website at any time without prior notice.  Please check our website regularly for updates.

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