How to verify a host listing

How to verify a host listing

Creating a trusted community of hosts and guest

Our mission is to create a trusted and safe community of likeminded travelers and hosts. To do this we must all play our part in this mission. 
  1. Prevent fake accounts
  2. Prevent fake listings
  3. Preventing other scams

Verify you Host identity
All hosts and guests must verify their identity on the Hustle Pads platform. 

Verify you Host listing

Hosts must verify they have access to the listing. This includes any of the following:
  1. A unique photo that was taken of the property that is found nowhere else on the internet. 
  2. For property managers, upload a photo of the Property management contract. This can be deleted once approved. 
  3. Property managers must also upload their property lease agreement with the property management info to verify their identity. (Website, business email, business phone number, etc..)
  4. Because properties may be managed by multiple property management companies, each listing must provide the official contact number for that property management company. Property management business's who are acting as the Host, the proof of lease contract should match the details provided here for the listing.

Verify your Insurance requirements

Hosts are required to have the proper Vacation Rental insurance. This insurance must also list Hustle Pads as a party as well. To complete this step during you're listing creation please select the "agree" button on the verification page of the listing. 
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