How does Flat Rate Booking for Guests work?

How does Flat Rate Booking for Guests work?

How Does Flat Rate Booking Work?

Flat Rate Booking lets you choose your travel tier and travel within your rate. 

What is not included in the Flat Rate price?

The flat rate price does not include the local taxes and fees specific to that geographic region or state. There is also an insurance fee that is charged during checkout to cover guest damage for hosts and is only charged once per stay.

What is included within the Flat Rate price?

The Flat Rate Booking includes a 7-day time block which can be used back to back or separately. 

Can I use my Flat Rate travel credit value towards a Traditional Booking?

Yes! if you choose, you may use some or all of your remaining Flat Rate booking value on your next trip. Please keep in mind that the value may be different that what you paid. This is true when you purchased a Flat Rate Booking bundle which came with a discounted 10% rate. In this case your actual value in your account would be less than the value of your purchased travel tier credits.

Is there a time limit on these purchases?

There is a 1-year time limit to use your travel credits. After this time you may only get travel credit but no refund on your remaining purchases. 

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