What are the host guidelines for making House Rules?

What are the Host Guidelines for Making House Rules

Hustle Pads is committed to connecting our hosts and guests to bring memorable traveling experiences. Here are the Host's house rules guidelines to ensure that your guests get the best experience possible. 

Why it is important to set House Rules?

House Rules are guidelines and regulations for the guests to comply upon check-in. These rules are the key to make your guests knowledgeable on how to utilize your space and for them to blend in with the culture your location offers.


Where to place my set of House Rules?

Keep it visible, place it on an easy-to-reach area like on the coffee table, bedside table, and fridge’ door.

How to create House Rules?

The house rules and guidelines are created during the property onboarding process and will be visible online to any guest that books your property. Remember to keep rules simple and be careful in creating too many rules, as it is not meant to discourage reservations and bookings. Be precise but considerate on what you are aiming for to protect your property and also not limiting the guests’ freedom during their stay. Think about how you would expect the guests to act in your space and write it down in an easy-to-understand way.  

Guidelines on Making House Rules 

      For more information please visit Hustle Pads’ general House Rules for more information.

  • Make it simple and straightforward. 
         “Nonsmoking” “No pets allowed.”

  • Make it personalized. 
         “Welcome to our little nest by the beach Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith.”

  • Prepare your place for guests of any age and widen your customer base. Consider a kid-friendly environment. 
         “Child-friendly home for children 2 years old and above.”

  • Include safety reminders.
         “Don’t forget to lock and close all doors and windows when living the house or before sleeping at night.”

  • Consider giving tips on where is the best restaurant in town, the nearest coffee shop, or the best yoga instructor you could refer.

These rules are meant to encourage the guests to make the most of their experience in your property. Hustle Pads reserves the right to amend, modify or change House Rules and content featured on our website at any time without prior notice. Please check our website regularly for updates.

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