Does Hustle Pads conduct background check on members

Does Hustle Pads Conduct Background Check on Members

Building a trusted community of travelers

At Hustle Pads™ we strive to build a community of trusted travelers, hosts and service providers. We are dedicated to each users safety and will conduct automated background checks on all platform users to the extent permitted by law. Please visit our Hustle Pads' community standard and expectations for more details. 

Data we gather for ID and verification

Below are the common pieces of information we require from all users (but is not limited to):
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Valid Proof of Identification (only if our automated process requires it)

Hustle Pads will attempt to screen candidates against these lists:
  1. OFAC Listing ( terrorist designations )
  2. Sex Offender registries
  3. Other relevant databases (both public and private) to help create an environment of safety and trust. 

Does Hustle Pads' guarantee its background checks?

A background check may help us identify users that are not suitable to be part of our platform. However, there is no guarantee from Hustle Pads that we can identify all of the past criminal history of a user and may not serve as a future assurance that a user won't break any laws.

There is no way to guarantee the completeness of a background check due to the way reporting agencies maintain their databases, maintenance schedules of those records and completeness of those records. Also, results of these database checks may not reveal or include recent criminal record activity. 

Once a candidate is proved to have committed sexual violence and exploitation, human trafficking, terrorism and other crimes that violate Hustle Pads' Community Standards, the candidate in question will be subject for account removal.

What to do when you notice behavior red flags for host and guest?

We strongly encouraged you to coordinate with us should you be alarmed with anything during your stay or while doing business with Hustle Pads. Please contact [email protected] to report questionable activities. If severe enough, please call your local authorities if you believe it is necessary. 

What are crimes that will get users removed from the platform?

On Hustle Pads users with serious criminal histories may be removed or subject for further review if our checks show convictions within a certain time period.

Less serious convictions will never result in removal ( mamajuana possession or disorderly conduct)

Certain crimes will disallow users from hosting or booking for longer times or permanently (such as murder, terrorism, rape or child molestation).

Can a user account be reinstated if it had been removed due to their criminal background? 

Of course! There are always reasons and factors that my result in someone having a criminal record.

Please open a support ticket to receive a review on your account. This may require rigorous evidence to assess whether a user can be reinstated despite having a criminal record. 

Are all users eligible for appeal if they have been removed due to their criminal background?

No. Certain offenses are not eligible for reinstatement due to the severity and risk posed by the offense itself. 
  1. Sexual violence and exploitation
  2. human trafficking
  3. Hate crimes
  4. Terrorism

Safety tips you should follow when interreacting with a host or guest

  1. Finances - Protect your banking cards, financial data and personal information (birthday, social security information). Only pay through the Hustle Pads platform for services provided on Hustle Pads. 
  2. Personal Information - Protect your date of birth and email, only provided if you feel it is safe and necessary. 
  3. Guests & Hosts - Attempt to get to know your guests and hosts. This includes fellow guests. All guests and hosts get an opportunity to communicate with each other prior to booking. Consider doing a public search on your fellow user. 
  4. Keep a clear mind and avoid doing things that impair your judgment. 
  5. Report users who may be violating our Terms of Service to us at [email protected]. Examples include:
    1. Users asking for your personal information like date of birth, social security or other personal details. 
    2. Users asking to send money outside of the Hustle Pads platform. 
    3. Users who behave inappropriately at a listing or online. This includes Guests, Hosts and Service Providers. 
    4. Fake online users or listings. 
  6. Notify your friends and family where you are and that you are traveling. 

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