What Are The Booking Types For Hosts

Managing booking types for Hosts

Hustle Pads consists of two booking types, Flat Rate booking and the Traditional Booking that you know and love from platforms like Airbnb and similar platforms. 

Can hosts enable Flat Rate Book and Traditional Booking at the same time?

Yes! Hosts control the booking types they wish to enable on their listings. Hosts are also allowed to enable both booking types at the same time. To adjust your booking types simply log into your Host Listing and head to Step 3 Get Ready For Guests >> Review How Guests Book.

What is Traditional Booking

Traditional Booking is where a property or listing is setup to be booked in it's entirety. The Host will enable this as the default option on their listing. When a Guest books a listing of the Traditional Type they are renting out the entire listing for their requested period of time. This is the same booking style as Airbnb, but without the shared bedroom booking. 

Can I set special rates for my listing?

Yes, Hosts can set special discount rates and promotions for their listings.

What is Flat Rate Booking

This booking method uses a per-room booking style for one flat rate. Guests will share a listing during the booking period of time. The hosts sets the booking tier for each individual room and guests are then enabled to travel during the Flat Rate booking window of time. 

What is a Flat Rate Booking window of time?

A Flat Rate Booking window of time is designated on the calendar for Flat Rate Booking is in a GOLD color. During these time blocks, the host has enabled flat rate booking for guests. 


Can I preview who I will be sharing the booking with?

Yes! Guests will always get an opportunity to review who they will be sharing the booking with. However, sometimes a guest will be the first one to book the Flat Rate Booking and in this case they will be notified each time a new guest books as well. This provides an opportunity for the first guest to review their new guests. 

How can Guests review other Guests?

All guests will receive a post-booking review survey and these surveys are the reviews that guests will see each time they book with another guest. New guests to the platform will not have a review however, they will have gone through a background check. 

All guests can also review their own review scores. However, all notes and identifiable details (other than First name and Last name initial ) are kept confidential. 
Our goal is to make Hustle Pads as inclusive as possible while protecting everyone's safety and ideas. 
Guests with bad reviews will be directly communicated by the platform security team for review. We will internally investigate anyone that has been alerted to us by other guests and anyone with a consistent low review. 

Is it safe to travel with Flat Rate Booking?

Hustle Pads takes pride in protecting its hosts and guests by doing background checks on both hosts and guests. For full details please read our article on Does Hustle Pads Conduct Background Check on Members and Terms of Service for full details. 

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